Thank you for your interest in participating in Weeks Feel Like Days, Months Feel Like Years. Participation should only take a few minutes.

You will be presented with a series of short texts to which you may respond by making a recording or skipping to the next one.

To do this we are using the WebAudio capabilities of modern browsers, for best results please use: Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, or the most recent version of Safari (13.1) and on some mobile devices. Before you begin, you will be asked for permission to use your Microphone.

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You will be presented with a series of 5 text scores related to the COVID-19 pandemic and welcomes you to reflect on your own experiences during this time. The scores are composed to be performed by individuals or groups in isolation and primarily ask for a vocal response but you may choose to also use an instrument as well.

You can choose to respond to the scores using the online interface by clicking on the "Record” button located below the audio player. Stop the recording by clicking “Stop” button.

After completing a recording, you may review the recording by pressing the play (arrow icon) in the audio player. If satisfied you may click the “Submit” button or the "Redo” button which will allow you to re-record that score.

If you don’t wish to perform a particular score you may skip that one by clicking the “Skip” button instead of the “Record” button.

When you click “submit”, your recording will be uploaded, afterwhich the next score will appear and you will be presented with the same options.

When you click “Submit” on the final score, your submission is complete. A confirmation email will be sent to you over the next few days to confirm use of your scores. By clicking on the link in the email your submission will be complete. Your responses to the scores will be compiled into larger audio compositions that uses layering and temporal effects that will grow over time as more performers contribute to the project.

Clicking on the back icon in the browser will send you back to the beginning of the submission process not the previous score. This may be useful if you do want to start over from the beginning.

To begin you will be asked to enter your name as you would like it to appear in the credits (you may opt out of this step) and enter your email address to allow us to confirm your submission to the project. Your email is required for us to be receive permission from you to use your recordings, but you will not be sent any other emails for any reason.

For more information about the project Weeks Feel Like Days, Months Feel Like Years please click here.

To preview the scores prior to starting click here.

To begin please enter your name as you would like it appear in the credits (this is an optional step) and enter your email to confirm your participation.

Your email address will only be used to contact you for permission to use your recordings, and will not be shared with anyone or used for any other purpose.

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Because of the strangeness of this time, and the demands it places on your time, I am particularly grateful for your time- at this time.

Thank you

Paul Walde

You will receive an email in the coming days to confirm your participation.

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